Ministry at Holy Trinity Birchfield

Jnuior Church Poster

At Holy Trinity we are passionate about our ministry. Holy Trinity has the Holy Spirit among us. We recognise that we do not have a monopoly on the Holy Spirit and seek to share this with our community. We actively get involved in the community and in society. Society is broken and people are calling out for help, for guidance, for a sign of hope.

Over the year, we run various groups to help and empower the community such as our Job Group and we are not afraid to be involved in politics. The Church must no longer take a back seat in the community.

In 2012, Holy Trinity pioneered the Church of England's very first Convention - Living with the Holy Spirit. The convention took place over 3 days, 4th - 6th May. The convention, opened by the Bishop of Birmingham, had speakers, displays, activities, drama, singing, music, comedy and dance from around the world, showing off the power and movement of the Holy Spirit through God's Church. Following the success of the first Convention, Holy Trinity hosted a second Convention in May 2014 around the theme of Preparing For A New Future.

We record the majority of our Sunday morning sermons and you can now listen and re-listen to these online right here on our website or download them to your computer or MP3 player. Click here to visit our sermon library.